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We are a small family run business based in Surrey and Poole and hampshire which covers UK CB radio enthusiast Please feel free to browse through our products. We mainly stock a range of CB radios and CB radio aerials and multiband radios and CB mounts and accessories screens and projectors and radio controlled RC hobbies  

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CB Radio Shop and Aerials 

As well as CB radios and two way radios spare and repairs we also sell some products that would make great gifts such as projection clock radios, binoculars and multiband radio and scanner radios We are adding new products all the time. So add us to your favourites and if you are ever stuck for help with a cb radio or aerials then check us out.
Brief history of CB radio

It was decided in the early 70’s to use 27 Mhz, at this time a part of the amateur band, this band was originally split into 23 channels and controlled by means of a bank of crystals one for each channel which made the radios large, and bulky the channel selection was done by a means of a rotary dial on the front of the radio with each click corresponding to its crystal inside the unit. The power output of the radio was limited to 4 watts ERP (Effective Radiating Power). and the mode of transmission was A.M. (Amplitude Modulation).