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Hi, and welcome to Shopsolo. The place you can come to for all your CB radio help

If you are interested in buying CB radios, antennas, microphones, and other accessories, feel free to visit our website. There you will find a wide selection of products from the best brands on the market. We also offer the best prices and offers. We are sure that you will find everything you need to make your experiences with radio communication equipment as satisfying as possible.


UK CB Radio History

CB radio was first introduced in the United Kingdom around 1972. Early use was known around the airports in the UK, particularly Stansted in 1973. … In the period 1976–1978, CB radio in Britain was much popularised by novelty hit songs and its use in the film Convoy, and the usage of illegal CB radio peaked in 1980. In 2019, there are numerous options to CB radios available, including cell phones and family walkie-talkies, but CB radios have advantages that still make them a popular choice in certain circumstances.  And despite the many technological advances referenced in this article, CB radios are heavily utilized during disasters and emergencies


Second hand and used CB Radios

At Shopsolo CB Radios in Hampshire, we buy new and used CB radio equipment. Anything from old vintage CB radios to modern CB radios. We deal with aerials linear and power units for CB radio sales.

There are different types of CB radios available for sale and they can be found sold as used or refurbished.The types of CB radio available include base stations, mobile cb radios for trucks and cars or in-vehicles, and portable or handheld

How many miles can a UK CB radio cover?

  1. about 3 to 20 miles, depending on terrain, for line-of-sight communication and CB aerials
  2. CB Radio Transmitter power is limited to 4 watts in the
  3. CB Radios
    • Speakers
    • Aerials
    • SWR Meters
    • Plugs and Connectors
    • Voltage Droppers
    • Brackets
    • Microphones

UK CB Radio

CB radio was legalized in the UK in 1981 on 27MHz using FM. CB in the US uses AM, making US imports largely illegal. At the time, the license cost £15 a year (no exam needed). … Today’s announcement from Ofcom states that the proposal to allow the use of AM (double sideband and single sideband) has been accepted

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As well as UK CB radio we import and sell scanners, PMR, and amateur radio equipment, and our policy is wherever possible to deal directly with manufacturers like Astatic, Cobra, Danita, Galaxy, Icom, JSC, K40, KPO, Maas, Magnum, Midland Alan, President, Ranger, RM, Sirio, Skytronic, Solarcon, Superstar, Uniden, Whistler, Wilson, Workman, Zetagi so our customers benefit from factory direct

This site covers only a small percentage of our entire range, but we will be adding many more products over the coming months as well as special offers and clearance lines as they become available.

If you require sensible advice on any of our lines please e-mail or telephone. We try to give impartial advice so that your purchase is suitable for your needs – we do not work on commission sales here

There are four types of CB radios: mobile, all-in-handset, handheld and base station and CB World does a great job of explaining the differences and applications of each one. While the general technology is the same, there are a range of feature differences with price points to match

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