UK PMR 446 Radio shop

Walkie talkies for shops, and businesses. Have you ever wondered what? Radio people were using when you go into a shop and the workers are on the radio, well, they’re using a form of PMR.

These little radios are ideal for. Building sites. Site-to-site communication. These are also used for hobbies. Distance covered depends on the local terrain built up areas. The distance will not be so great. But in farms and land. Could go up to 4 miles.

Essentially the PMR 446 radios I use for so many different applications.  you can purchase a small PMR radio for the kids to play with but also the PMR radio has a serious side. PMR radios are useful when running shops and some businesses to communicate from one building to another.   Also other uses for PMR radio have been for the older generation so for instance if you have an older family member in the same street you are able to communicate with them without the complication of a mobile phone and cost.  Some PMR radios can be left on in their charging station in order so you are able to call out at any time.  Also the walkie talkies have been used alot nowdays for motorbike trainers and out on the field events.  There are also PMR enthusiasts that buy PMR radios and go on hill tops and other locations to see how far they can make them reach. This free hobby frequency service has become very popular with loads of Facebook groups operating in lots of areas around the UK.



PMR446 radios online shop are two-way radios (or simply put, walkie-talkies) that operate on the license-free 446MHz frequency band. This makes them a good option of walkie-talkies for personal and commercial use in the UK and the EU that doesn’t require operating over a long range. Benefits of PMR446 walkie-talkies are: cost-effective; no charges or license fees;  Find our range of professional license free walkie talkie radios, transmitting on the frequency range PMR446 in which no Ofcom license is required

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