Midland Alan 42 DS CB Radio Portable Transceiver

The versatile Alan 42 DS comes with a wide range of accessories for every application.


Extensive range of accessories included with delivery
Digital squelch
Switchable to any European national standard
AM/FM modulation
Noise blanker
EMG emergency channel
Battery level warning
Reception signal strength (RX) and transmission power (TX)
High/low transmission power switchover
Detachable antenna (BNC connector)

New: Digital squelch makes the Alan 42 DS particularly convenient top operate, and guarantees optimum reception sensitivity at all times.

Power supply
Motor vehicle adapter, incl. Yes
Mains voltage input 230 V AC
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Mains plug C – Euro plug CEE 7/16
Power supply, on device Plug housing
Low-voltage input 12 V DC
Low-voltage connection DC mounted socket, round, 2-pin

Midland Alan 42 DS – CB Radio Portable Transceiver AM/FM Multi Band for All European Union Countries

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