Walkie Talkie Radio

Walkie-Talkie Hands-Free Squelch CTCSS/DCS Scan Alarm Two Way

About this item
Wireless clone function; quickly match multiple walkie talkies settings; one walkie talkie can clone for multiple walkie talkies at the same time; convenient and fast
Vibration function; it will vibrate when receiving signals; in noisy environment, the RB615 walkie-talkie will prompt information through vibration; avoid missing important information
PMR446 license-free walkie talkies; meets the requirements of European license-free walkie-talkie ; use out of the box
Local / remote alarm; two alarm modes; the most effective help can be achieved in emergency situations
Long-distance walkie talkie; high gain antenna; ideal calling distance can reach 3Km


Retevis RB615 Walkie Talkie x2 Vibration Wireless Clone PMR446 Walkie Talkie Radio


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