Midland C1267 Alan 42

Midland C1267 Alan 42 DS – CB Radio Portable Transceiver AM/FM Multi Band for All European Union Countries, Black

Midland Alan 42DS is the number 1 portable CB radio in the world, equipped with digital squelch ANL filters and Noise Blanker filters that eliminate the noises caused by external sources


Midland C1267 Alan 42

Multi-standard device that allows you to select any European band and to operate in all EU countries. Default band 40 CH FM 4W
EMG function for the immediate selection of the emergency channel, selection of high and low power and the AM and FM frequencies. Equipped with SCAN and Dual Watch functions
BNC antenna socket and 1W/4W power depending on the country. This CB radio is compatible with radio accessories with 2 pin socket
The package includes CB radio ALAN 42DS, wall charger, empty pack for alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries, car adapter with socket for external antenna, anti-scratch case, antenna, belt clip and wrist strap. Note audio quality depends on where it is used, the distance covered between two radios is influenced by the surrounding environment, the CB frequencies work point-to-point and do not rely on radio links, as it happens with mobile telephony, the RF frequency operating on 27Mhz is considerably sensitive to environmental factors, such as buildings


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